What is Crepe Maker & Its Features

Creating crepes with this particular gadget is mess-free and usually requires no particular skill. It is possible to earn more with less quantity of time. Constructed with a continuous temperature controller at 600W creates evenly cooked crepes which takes no further than 20 minutes to make. No more ladles, no shouts, no mess!

Heats Evenly. The plate is smaller and round, which makes it simpler to cook the crepe evenly.

Non-Stick. That the crepe won’t stick and just slides out of this plate after cooking.

Light Weight. Unlike traditional crepe makers, that one is compact in size so that it’s easy to transport and use.

Easy To Use. Only wait for this to heat up, lower the plate onto the top layer of the crepe batter, then lift upward and turn right-side up-to let cook. 

A Lot more than Crepes. You are able to make pancakes, tortillas, thin cakes, dim sum wraps, and much more.

Handheld Crepe Maker gets the following 


  • Caliber: < 25 cm
  • Package list: 
  • 1 X
  • Pancake Machine
  • Batter Basin 
  • Whisk

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