Top Three Handheld Sandwich Maker

Warmer Grill and Toast Sandwich Maker with Non-Stick

NO MICROWAVE? NO PROBLEM! WARMER Is The One Stop Shop Solution. Reheating Your Food In The Microwave Destroys Its Nutritional Content. Our Range Of Products Is Made With The Help Of Cutting Edge Technology, Purest Stainless Steel Material And Infusion Of Polyurethane. So Serve At A Dinner Party In Our Stylish Casserole, Eat While Traveling In Our Airtight Hot Pots Or Take A Lunch Break In Office In Our Insulated Lunch Packs, You Can Do Of All This Without Using A Microwave. Our Double Wall Stainless Steel Products With High-Quality Insulation Ensures That Your Foods Stay Hot And Fresh For Long Hours. Brand Warmer Gives You The Right Solutions For Their Products. Being The Most Promising Manufacturer’s And Exporter’s Of Insulated Stainless Steel Products & Also Has A Lot To Offer. Team Waremo Has Focussed On Customer Needs And Innovation In Order To Deliver Products Of The Finest Quality And Design. As The Brand Name Suggests, All the Products Are Well Insulated Which Can Keep Food Warm For The Longer Time. They Provide High-Quality Stainless Steel Material With The Availability In Sizes, Attractive Packaging Which Fits The Need Of Every Household.


  • Product – Grill & Toast best grilled sandwich maker With Nonstick Cookware 1 Piece. Black Color.
  • Healthy And Oil Free Cooking. Long Life. Lower Gas Consumption. It’S Also A “PFOA Free” Product.
  • Preserve Nutrients In Foods. You Can Clean Easy As It Is Non-Stick Product And Also It Is Heat Efficiency.
  • It’S A Eco-Friendly Product With A Usage Of 2.6Mm Thickness For Longer Life.
  • Package Content – 1 Main Grill & Toast Nonstick Cookware. Packaging Dimension – Height – 40Cm X Length – 14Cm X Width – 6Cm, Weight -0.485Kg.

Brilliant Two Handled Non-Stick Gas Sandwich Maker

Gas toaster is very helpful for every kitchen. With the help of gas toaster you don’t have to worry if there is electricity or not, simply turn on your gas and make a crispy sandwich for breakfast, evening snacks and for dinner. The gas toaster has the benefit that it is non-stick, so it needs no or less oil and gives you healthy and low-calorie food. You can easily clean it once you are done using it. The handles on the toaster are long and easy to hold on to. Sandwich made in gas toaster tastes better than an electric toaster.


  • 2 layered Non-stick coating. Perfect for making 2-cut crispy sandwiches
  • Color: Black, Material: Aluminium. Use only wooden or nylon spatula to avoid damage to a non-stick coating
  • Sturdy, Long lasting and stay cool backlight handles
  • Gas Flame Compatible & Package Contents: 1-Piece Sandwich Toaster
  • Easy to clean and non-reactive to food.

Any Kitchen Non-Stick Coated Gas Toaster Handheld Sandwich Maker 

Make your sandwich-making experience even more special with this Special Gas Toaster. This Sandwich Toaster is one of its kinds with a non-stick coated heating surface. You will love the crispiness of the bread toasted in this toaster, which is completely hassle-free to use and non-stick. It comes with an easy-grip handle. Enjoy crispy & tasty toasts and sandwiches at any time With non-stick coating inside Convenient handle locking system and Easy to clean convenient to use. It has a heat resistant Bakelite Handle and No Electricity Needed. Handcrafted handle with maximum grip torque. Enjoy crispy & tasty toasts and sandwiches at any time with our handy gas toaster. Tired of eating plain, boring meals for lunch every day?


  • Easy to use, saves time, non-electric gas toaster
  • Non-stick coated and sandwich maker
  • Handcrafted handle with maximum grip
  • Consumes lower gas

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